torstai 26. kesäkuuta 2014

314 Days In America

I've been back in Finland for a bit over a week now, but let's go back to my last week in America first.
So I spent my last week in Virginia with my host family. I got to meet a lot of their family friends and it was mostly running around to places and meeting people, though one day we got to go to Washington DC, which was great. I saw the Washington monument, the White House, and we had a private tour in the Capitol. After all that sightseeing we went to Georgetown to get some famous cupcakes, known from the tv show DC Cupcakes.
On my way to DC/Virginia

On Monday the 16th I started my way back to Finland. It was hard to say goodbye to my host family, but it was also great to see my own family again after 10 months. I ended up crying in both ends of that trip. The feeling when I saw my family, after all that time and 20 hour of flying, with balloons and flowers welcoming me home was just amazing.

My first week back has been busy. The next day back I already went to the hairdresser and got my hair done. Not all blond anymore haha :) I've also been seeing friends and I spent the Midsummer with my family. At home I've been unpacking and redecorating my room. The old map of Finnish Archipelago had to leave when my new Colorado flag and pictures took its place.

I gotta say that it has been a little weird to be back home. The whole exchange year seems like a dream that I just woke up from. Nothing has really changed, though I hate Finnish music now even more than when I left :D I miss my life in America and it's hard to think that nothing is ever gonna be the same there. Friends are going to Colleges, my host family is taking new exchange students etc. It feels kind of sad to know that next year someone else is going to be sleeping in my bed and using my dresser, and it's not gonna be Heidi's and Maddie's room, it's gonna be Maddie's and someone else's room. Thoug, I have to be grateful for my family and friends for keeping in touch even when I'm here. I just hope it will stay like that for a long time and not just for the first month. So now all my friends there in America, please Skype with me!! :D

With love,

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