tiistai 3. kesäkuuta 2014

300 Days in America

Yep, today it is. 300 days since I left my home country and said good byes to my family with tears in my eyes. Well, now in just few days it's gonna happen again when I'm going to say good bye to my friends and Colorado, and again in 15 days when I will say the final good byes to my host family at the Washington DC airport. The time has gone past so fast, and especially the past few weeks have been filled with stuff.

So first of all there was Faith's 9th birthday with the Frozen theme, and everyone dressed up as a character from the movie. Faith was pretty happy about how her party turned out and lucky for me, I got to be a princess/queen for one night :D

Week after that on Thursday we had senior bonfire at the school's parking lot and on Friday was the last day of school for all the seniors, when we checked out, picked up our cap and gowns, painted our hand prints on the wall, and had our last ever assembly.

The week after that we didn't have school anymore, but on Thursday we had graduation rehearsal, which was 10 minutes long because it started lighting right on top of us, and the senior honors night, where Isabella and I were so honored to be not honored :)

On Friday we had our Graduation, which was an amazing experience. I got to walk with the class, I got  a cool certificate and they even called my name almost right :) After the Graduation my host family took me out for a lunch and later that night I had my own surprise graduation party, meaning that I made my own cake and went to he garage, and when I came out my host family yelled "Surprise!":) Since my Swiss brother didn't have a graduation, we also had his graduation at home that night, too. :)

That weekend we went to the Garden of the Gods with my host family. It was a great day with some beautiful views!

On Monday I said good bye to my amazing Swiss Brother since I won't see him again in the USA anymore, and head out to the mountains with my friends, for a five hour road trip to Megan's cabin. It was the only, the first, and absolutely the best road trip in US I've had. We stayed at the cabin for two nights, and it was just amazing. We played capture of the flag a.k.a capture of the swag a.k.a The Hunger Games in real life, I tried archery for the first time in my life, ate one of the best s'mores I've ever had while watching the beautiful night sky filled with stars, had the best ice cream ever, and spent the best few days with the best friends ever.

On Wednesday when I came back to the city, I packed the rest of my stuff, said good bye to my American home and moved to Castle Rock to stay with my Area rep and her family for a week and a half before I'll fly to Washington DC and Virginia to spend my last week in America. The first night in Castle Rock I actually slept over at Emma's house, and on Thursday we went with her host mom and host brother to Mt. Evans, one of the fourteeners in Colorado. Sadly we didn't get all the way to the top, but up to about 13,000ft., which was pretty nice too.
On Saturday was Emma's going away party, and on Sunday morning while we went hiking, she flew back to Sweden.

On Monday, which is today, we had a picnic with some of my friends and planned the rest few days we have together. Tomorrows plan is to go to the Elitch Gardens, which is an amusement and water park up in Denver. On Friday we are leaving for my first camping trip ever with my area rep and her family, coming back on Sunday, when I have my last YFU orientation, and on Monday night I'm flying to the east coast for a week before flying back to Finland. So, a lot has been going on here in Colorado and gladly I have few more days to go. Sorry Finland, but this girl is not ready to come back yet…


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